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Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games | Look of the Games 

Design Team Lead, responsible for developing the event's Look of the Games for 17 months - done partially remotely and partially in the UK. The project goal was to unfold the Games' identity to dress up the city and the surroundings (councils), all competition venues (including its façades, field of play, and sports equipment application), non-competition venues, like the athlete's villages, broadcast, and media center, and common domain areas for the spectators.

Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games | Special Projects 

Also, as part of the Design Team's responsibility, we have developed a few side projects such as the Festival 2022, a cultural program to engage the population for the event to come; the Test Events, a sporting activation in order to serve as a real-time test and evaluation for the Games; and the Club 22, a tailored-made area for hospitality.

Lausanne 2020 Winter Youth Olympic Games | Look of the Games 

In partnership with the Local Organising Committee, which was responsible for creating the event's identity, the project aimed to unfold the Look strategy to dress all competition, non-competition, and city key locations for the Games.